Cybersecurity compliance for all

If you're having issues reaching compliance, we have a solution for you. Whether you need a platform to handle your own assessment, options for continuous monitoring, or the help of an expert, you've come to the right place.

The IntelliGRC Platform

Two robust tools designed to make reaching compliance easy and painless. With the core application helping smooth assessments and the scanner tool always keeping an eye on system changes, you spend less time worrying about cybersecurity.

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Hire an Expert

Reaching compliance isn't a journey you have to take alone. Whether you need help with an assessment, advice on how to move forward, or someone to check your work, our team and our partners are here for you.

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Compliance Frameworks

There are a lot of cybersecurity frameworks out there. Not everyone knows how to address them all, but chances are we've seen it before. We offer solutions for a significant number of compliance frameworks and are always working to add more.

NIST 800-171
NIST 800-53
DFARS 252.204-7012
ISO 27001
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Our Methodology

Scope the Information System
  • Establish the Assets (i.e., People, Technology, Facilities) that are involved in handling Sensitive Data.
  • Identify the types and characteristics of the Sensitive Data.
  • Define the System Boundary as a correlation between the Assets and Sensitive Data.
  • Identify applicable Laws, Regulations, Policies, Standards, and/or Frameworks.
Perform Strategic Gap Analysis
  • Identify current security function capabilities.
  • Associate selected framework controls/requirements with Assets.
  • Analyze gaps and acquire guidance on how to address them.
  • Define comprehensive remediation/implementation strategies.
Formulate an Action Plan
  • Analyze compliance risks.
  • Determine levels of effort and cost.
  • Create and assign priority to projects/tasks/sub-tasks for the team.
  • Monitor progress and track goals.
Establish Continuous Monitoring
  • Develop and implement a strategy for Continuous Monitoring.
  • Evaluate and mitigate risks.
  • Create automation for Security Processes,  Configuration Monitoring, and Evidence gathering.
Mature your Security Program
  • Educate the team on current security strategies and regulatory changes.
  • Keep informed about modern security threats and industry trends.
  • Generate and update Documentation to reflect new implementations.

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