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SOF Week 2024 Boston

May 6, 2024

The SOF Week event in Boston featured keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, tutorials, demos, and networking sessions, covering topics such as agile development, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, security, testing, DevOps, and more! It showcased the best practices and innovations of leading software organizations and recognized the achievements and contributions of outstanding software professionals and teams.

We attended SOF week to learn from the experts and peers in the Defense Supply Chain community, and to stay updated on the latest developments and best practices in the field. We were able to showcase our organization's GRC capabilities and achievements, and to network with potential partners and clients. Exhibiting here enhanced our reputation and visibility as a leading GRC software. Thanks to those who provided us with valuable feedback at SOF Week! We will use your input to help refine and enhance our platform features, and to expand our market reach and customer base. There were many great conversations we look forward to continuing and potentially seeing some of the same people at next year's event!


May 5, 2024

CMMC Day is a wrap! It was a pleasure seeing both familiar faces and new acquaintances. During this one day event, we were able to engage in thoughtful conversations with MSPs, MSSP’s, and notable industry figures such as Jacob Horne and Amira Armond. The event offered a comprehensive overview of the upcoming Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements, emphasizing the need for robust security measures within the Defense Industrial Base. We appreciated the insights shared by esteemed speakers from NIST, NIAP, and NSA, which reinforced the importance of aligning existing controls with the new certification standards. Overall, CMMC Day was a fantastic platform for us to demonstrate IntelliGRC's capabilities and forge valuable connections within the DIB community.

CS2 Boston

April 3, 2024

CS2 Boston continues to be a major event of interest for IntelliGRC. As one of the primary meetups for industry members who are learning what’s coming for CMMC and NIST 800-171, we always find value in attending. Our team got the opportunity to engage with practitioners and thought leaders regarding CMMC and its implications. It’s always a pleasure to meet our customers in person, put a real face to a name instead of a virtual one, and get the opportunity to shake hands.

Ever since the December 2023 rulemaking announcement and the memo from the DoDCIO, we have seen a consistent increase in CMMC buzz, CS2 only further stoked the fire of excitement that we have seen across the community. Having the chance to promote awareness and consideration at these kinds of events is one of the ways IntelliGRC is helping to get partners and potential members ready for when CMMC becomes official.

CS2 continues to be a well-produced event that attracts us time and time again. Awesome as always, we cannot wait to go to the next iteration where we hope to see you there!

Channel Partners Conference

Las Vegas
March 28, 2024

We're always seeking opportunities to both broaden our horizons and deepen our industry connections. Our recent attendance at the Channel Partners Conference in Las Vegas allowed us to see first-hand the exciting world of the channel and how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) get the most from it, and by extension, the telecommunications sphere.  This event was a convergence point for innovators and leaders in the field, and we were there ready to engage, learn, and contribute our wealth of knowledge.

Highlights from the Conference:

Engaging Conversations: Our team's expertise, combined with our booth's compelling aesthetic, facilitated meaningful discussions around cybersecurity and compliance. These interactions not only showcased IntelliGRC's prowess but also opened doors to potential customer engagements and partnerships that promise to extend our reach and impact.

Valuable Connections: The event was fertile ground for planting seeds that will sprout into new partnerships and reseller opportunities, undoubtedly amplifying our visibility and influence across the industry.

Rekindling Partnerships: Opportunities to reengage with previous collaborators, like Patch My PC, emerged, providing the opportunity to highlight how much we’ve grown and how much more we have to offer.

Amplifying Compliance Importance: Through panel participation and booth discussions, we underscored the critical need for cybersecurity compliance in telecommunications, resonating well with MSPs and providers and generating promising leads.

Looking Forward:

Our experience at the Channel Partners Conference was overall positive, enriched with lessons learned and successes to celebrate. Inspired by our experience, we are hopeful for a future visit to the Channel Partners Conference.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our journey and consider joining us at future events to explore how IntelliGRC is pioneering the path to compliance and cybersecurity excellence.


February 22, 2024

Attending the CUI-CON was an enlightening experience, filled with invaluable insights on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and the meticulous preparation process required for DoD contractors. The conference served as a treasure trove of knowledge, where seasoned professionals shared their expertise on best practices, assessment techniques, and the nuances of documentation and evidence gathering. Particularly enlightening were the presentations by AWS and Microsoft, two titans in the cloud industry, who outlined their strategies and product roadmaps designed to support organizations on their CMMC journey. These sessions not only highlighted the importance of selecting the right tools for compliance but also underscored the collaborative effort between cloud service providers and defense contractors towards achieving a common goal of safeguarding the Federal Government's Intellectual Property.

Beyond the technical learnings, the conference also emphasized the ongoing nature of compliance, with a presentation about the Post-Certification process. It was eye-opening to learn about the challenges of maintaining certification, which, as it turns out, is an endeavor just as demanding as obtaining it in the first place. This involves continuous monitoring and updating of security controls to meet the dynamic requirements of the DoD. The conference wasn't just about gaining knowledge; it was also about building relationships. The happy hour provided a fantastic opportunity to mingle, forge new connections, and share experiences with peers navigating the same compliance pathway. Overall, the CUI-CON was not only an educational event but also a highly enjoyable one, making the complex journey of CMMC compliance seem a little less daunting.

MSP Expo

Fort Lauderdale
February 3, 2024

This was not our typical conference, but we met some great people! The Broward County convention center in Ft Lauderdale Florida is large enough to host anything and construction continues to expand the possibilities! There were constant sessions throughout the facility, and regular remote calls taking place in every corner. As exhibitors, we had ample time to set up our booth but would have preferred more time with the doors open for the attendees to come around and talk.

There were people from all over the world and many companies I had never heard of. The expo hall was primarily VOIP providers with other service providers, AI companies, and MSP enablement companies. We got our snacks and meals offsite due to the limited menus and high cost of what is available. Telarus hosted a great happy hour the last night with many in attendance and no limit on drinks by the time we left.

We enjoyed our time speaking with some old peers and meeting so many more! We always love going to Florida and networking with the industry, so we may be back soon!

IntelliGRC Stands with CyberQuest Leaders in Defending the DIB

Arlington, VA
December 12, 2023

IntelliGRC participated in a breakfast event held at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, focusing on the Department of Defense's Cybersecurity Program. Notable figures, including Stacy Bostjanick and Hon. Ellen Lord, shared insights, underlining the significance of ensuring cybersecurity success within the supply chain. An expert industry panel including; Amy Williams, Andy Sauer, JR Williamson, Pirooz Javan, and moderated by Carrie Wibben delved into topics such as regulatory compliance and strategic supply chain operations from the perspective of all sizes of organizations. The event also provided a working group for attendees at each table to exchange lessons learned and propose actionable strategies.

Steven Molter and James Norris, representing IntelliGRC, were actively involved in the event. Steven posed challenging questions during the Q&A session, leading to informative discussions. They had the opportunity to speak with the panelists during breaks and this lead to great conversations that included individuals representing cybersecurity service providers and government contractors.

A noteworthy highlight from the event was Ms. Bostjanick's announcement regarding a memorandum addressing DFARS 7012 requirements and the promising development of FedRAMP Moderate equivalency for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) by year-end. It is great to see so many organizations committed to defending the Defense Industrial Base and achieving supply chain cyber-resilience. IntelliGRC looks forward to future events, offering opportunities to expand leadership networks and enhance professional influence.

DigiCert Trust Summit

Las Vegas
October 16, 2023

The DigiCert Trust Summit is an opportunity for security professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge, network with industry leaders and security experts, collaborate about solutions for our toughest security challenges, and explore the power of digital trust in the real world. We learned about AI, PQC, DNS, DMARC, BIMI, and so much more. There were representatives and executives from all around the world, some of which experienced USA for the first time in Las Vegas.

CS2 2023: Denver

Denver, Colorado
October 5, 2023

A quick trip to Denver for Summit 7’s CS2 was absolutely worth it. The latest and greatest news from top experts on cloud security and compliance with a focus on DFARS and CMMC.

This is continually one of the best educational events with only select speakers and panelists presenting on the most interesting topics. The audience is largely technical, comprised of decision makers showing up to find solutions and analysts just there to learn.

You can find a lot of the CooeyCOE people here as well; we highly recommend attending!

NCS 2023

Huntsville, Alabama
September 21, 2023

IntelliGRC was happy to send our team to man the booth at National Cyber Summit in Huntsville. With so many great things happening in this area and plenty of great companies like MARS suite already setting up offices there, you have every reason to go check this out.

Von Braun Conference center houses a large conference with a lot to do. A good mix of educational content and sponsors sharing about their businesses. With plenty of job opportunities, networking, and a Cyber Cup challenge, it is worth checking out.

Cybersecurity Summit DC Metro

Washington, DC
July 20, 2023

This was a great way for executives to find products and solutions to better secure their organization’s digital assets. You can expect some great technologies, awesome raffle prizes, and gourmet cuisine. The networking was the best part, a lot of decision makers and plenty of experts presenting a variety of solutions.


Richmond, Virginia
July 14, 2023

A cybersecurity conference put on by Jake Kouns and his team. It consisted of several different activities, vendor booths and demos, tons of food, and an intentional atmosphere for networking. There were lock picking rooms, capture-the-flag hackathons with crazy prizes, and 3-4 talks given by SMEs throughout each day with a variety of topics ranging from “Trying to cheat at life using ChatGPT” to “A tale of an Active Directory Pentest” to (my favorite) “The State of NIST/CMMC Compliance Today.” Although this conference was really geared towards the Red/Blue/Purple Team field of cybersecurity, there were a lot of vendors servicing many categories of security from XDR/MDR/EDR/etc. to SIEM to other GRC vendors.

Valley Tech Con

Harrisonburg, Virginia
May 25, 2023

Oh Shenandoah. Our team had a great time presenting at the Valley Tech Conference hosted near James Madison University. There is a surprising effort to grow the community in Harrisonburg and surrounding areas, many businesses adapting to remote life, shared offices, and embracing new technologies and cybersecurity solutions. We also learned about the education and hiring programs that are showing great success in the area.

FCEDA – Infrastructure Innovation Summit

March 16, 2023

This event dove into current trends in cybersecurity solutions and cutting-edge technologies for the construction industry. We also learned about the necessary investment programs to address current homeland security challenges, and the needs of resilient infrastructure and physical security.

Where We are Going

September 24, 2024

National Cyber Summit (NCS) Huntsville

National Cyber Summit (NCS) Huntsville

When: September 24th - 26th

We are pleased to be attending NCS Huntsville again this year. NCS is the nation's leading cybersecurity technology event, providing unique educational, collaborative, and workforce development opportunities for industry leaders and emerging talents. It stands out from other cyber conferences with its diverse focus areas, top-tier speakers, and exceptional accessibility, all centered on the core pillars of education, collaboration, and innovation.

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