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We offer a range of cybersecurity services for a variety of needs. Get more out of your IntelliGRC experience by getting some hands-on help.

Gap Analysis and Remediation

Gap Analysis and Remediation The core of our cybersecurity processes is a commitment to using DoD Assessment Methodology. With this foundation, we can use our tools to scope your information system in our application. This provides a detailed look at your current cybersecurity posture and helps us determine how to make improvements where necessary. We can evaluate your information system using any of our included cybersecurity frameworks and produce valuable benefits including:

Deliverables and documentation:
- System Security Plans (SSPs)
- Information System and Data Flow Diagrams
Planning that advances you to a desired state of compliance.
- Plans of Action & Milestones (POA&Ms)
- Security Awareness Training
- Incident Response Plan Development & Tabletop Exercises
Strategies to improve your current policies and procedures.
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Compliance Guidance

Already have a scope of your posture but need some help navigating a specific framework? We can walk you through the complexities of controls and assessment objectives, so you don't feel so lost.

vCISO - If you need professional cybersecurity guidance and oversight, we provide experts equipped with proven strategies to ensure peace of mind.
Solution recommendations and network architecture.
Education and supplemental guidance for you and your team.
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Audit Preparation

Got an audit coming up? Want to ensure you are ready for the big day? We have experience working with clients addressing a variety of compliance evaluations. Let us help you ensure that everything is accounted for and that findings are ready for remediation.

Representation - Never feel alone during your audit. We can engage with assessors as delegates on your behalf.
Policy and procedure review and generation.
Organizing and collecting evidence.
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Our trusted partners
Meet the Cyber Expert team

The Expert Team.

Our Team

Karen Miller

Business Operations Manager

Controller, Accounting, Financial tracking/reporting, business process oversight and creation/management, personnel management support.

Kyle McCarthy


Business and Process Operations Lead

Ozzie Saeed


Founder, Product Owner

Joseph Turk

Software Engineering Lead

Lead Full Stack Developer and Product Engineer

Matthew DuVal

DevOps Lead

Lead DevOps Engineer and Senior Full Stack Developer, Lead on Scanner Agent

James Norris

Growth/Customer Success Lead

Business Development, Sales Lead, Pricing Model Lead, Commission Incentive Structure Lead, Marketing Messaging, Prospect Outreach, Social Branding, Partner Growth and strategy, Customer Success and Relationship management.

Rabbie Nasser

Software Engineer

Front end developer lead, design strategy, UX strategy

Luke Blackburn

Software Engineer

Front end developer lead, design strategy, UX strategy

Benjamin Martindell

Product/QA Manager

Product Manager, QA Manager

Jeremy Lyles

GRC Services/Functional Product Lead

Project Manager on Commercial Services primarily assessments and some remediation engagements. Lead on Functional Team/Project/Task management for IntelliGRC product, and functional analyst.

Josh G

Creative/Marketing Lead

Lead on Marketing Messaging, Marketing, Branding, UI/UX Design, SEO, and digital content publication.

Samantha Mims

Federal IA/GRC Solutions Lead

Federal IA/Cyber compliance expert, Cyber services project manager, IntelliGRC functional analyst

Cort Hanlon

Cybersecurity Services Manager

Lead on Client Services (Assessments, Remediations, Pentests), IntelliGRC Functional Analyst, Cyber services analyst.

Joseph 'Jay' Brown

Customer Success Lead

Sales, Customer success/relationship management, client services (Assessments and Remediations).

Steven Molter

Lead Solutions Architect

Lead on Client remediation services, Engineering Services, Functional Analyst, Internal cyber compliance and security lead.

David Kuan-Celarier

Communications/Content Lead

Marketing messaging, technical writer, content creator/editor, Design UI/UX, Video Editor, Article Editor, Marketing Campaign Content, Functional Analyst.

Dante Degregori

Cybersecurity Analyst

Junior cyber analyst for client assessment services and eventually remediation services.

Scotty Huffman

Systems Administrator

Client remediation engineering services, internal IT Engineering and infosec analyst, functional analyst.

Roberto Quinones

Engineering/Red Team Lead

Lead on Client remediation services, Engineering Services, Functional Analyst, Internal cyber compliance and security engineering, solutions advisor, QA tester for IntelliGRC, Pentester.

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