IntelliGRC Selected as CMMC Enterprise Platform for MEPs

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, IntelliGRC will support CMMC compliance for the clients of GENEDGE Alliance and MEPs across the United States.

IntelliGRC Staff
April 5, 2022

(FAIRFAX, Va.) IntelliGRC, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, will support Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance for the clients of GENEDGE Alliance and MEPs across the United States.

GENEDGE Alliance, Virginia’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), partnered with the Maryland MEP and Connecticut MEP (CONNSTEP) to source a CMMC Enterprise Platform. The IntelliGRC platform is one of two platforms selected by the MEPs as a solution for Defense Industrial Base (DIB) companies in need of complying with the DoD’s CMMC requirements.

“Our primary mission with IntelliGRC is to make cybersecurity compliance accessible, affordable, and manageable for the SMB space,” said Asfand Saeed, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of IntelliGRC. “We see many of the challenges the SMB community faces with time, resources, and costly consulting engagements that often leave more questions than tangible answers. To start, the SMB community needs a solution that can help remove the complexity burden by easily identifying and informing the scope of compliance. Additionally, they need a solution that can quickly determine where they stand against compliance requirements and can offer actionable guidance on how to efficiently remediate gaps based on their use case and capabilities. And ultimately, the SMB community needs a solution that continuously monitors and manages their compliance and advises corrective actions for discovered weaknesses based on industry best practices tailored to their needs.”

IntelliGRC will serve as a common platform for Defense Industrial Based (DIB) clients of GENEDGE and the MEP network. MEPs will be able to help monitor their clients’ compliance journey with multi-tenant progress tracking. In addition, the IntelliGRC platform will provide MEP clients with automated content for Gap Analyses and Plans of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms). The platform will provide a standardized approach to meeting CMMC requirements.

“Having a solution that standardizes the inputs, outputs, and processes around managing compliance will go a long way in normalizing the ever-growing complexity of subjective information out there, “said Saeed. “The biggest challenge for SMBs is the ability to tap into the wisdom of information security SMEs in a cost effective and scalable manner; this is what IntelliGRC intends to normalize for the industry.”

The Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP) Centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico equip small and medium-size manufacturers with the resources to enhance growth and productivity while reducing costs. The IntelliGRC platform will be offered as a solution to those MEP clients navigating the complexities around CMMC.

IntelliGRC is the intelligent Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance platform. Using automation, IntelliGRC provides a holistic approach to information security compliance. IntelliGRC is a registered trademark of Tiber Creek Consulting, a technology solutions company.